Why The Okanagan

Why is Kelowna and the Okanagan so popular and growing?

Known as the California of Canada – Canada’s largest wine region with 120 + wineries – Canada’s “Napa Valley” for wine touring – Rolling hills with Peach, Apricot and Fruit Orchards – Sandy Beaches for boating and swimming – Hundreds of Lakes for fishing – Trails for hiking and exploring – warm dry climate – Great Restaurants – World class golfing – An outdoor paradise – Cycling mega trails – Winter skiing with amazing powder and Canadas best Cross Country Trails... Simply... How can it get better---
A fabulous lifestyle!

Total Okanagan population approx. 450,000

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Okanagan Weather:

One of the best climates in Canada, dry warm summers and mild winters.

Central Okanagan average Temperatures :

  • Average high temperature (summer): 28 C/84 F
  • Average low temperature (winter): -8 C/16 F
  • Average Hours of Sunshine: almost 2000 per year
  • Average Rainfall: Approximately 30 cm/11in yearly
  • Average Snowfall: 139.8cm/55in in the valleys (varies by city) and up to 644cm/253" in the mountain ( Silver Star and Big White )

Average monthly Temperature in Kelowna:

December 0 C/ 32 F July 28 C/82 F February 3 C / 37 F

Penticton has very similar temperatures like Kelowna, Vernon can vary from 1-2 degrees cooler than Kelowna or Penticton


Kelowna Airport Facts:

  • 3rd busiest Airport in British Columbia, 11th largest Airport in Canada
  • Record breaking 1.6 Mill passengers per year
  • Fastest growing Airport in Canada
  • Growth expected to 2.9 Mill in the next 10-15 years
  • New Masterplan for 2025 in place due to highest growth
  • Growth with new routes and flight frequencies
  • Approx. 15 direct flights per day from Vancouver and 15 from Calgary
  • Many International Flights, direct flights Toronto, USA, Mexico etc.
  • Located North of Kelowna, close to Lake Country and Vernon


UBC Okanagan Facts:

An incredible University located just outside Kelowna.

Website: https://ok.ubc.ca/welcome.html

  • 8200 Students
  • 500 Faculty Staff
  • 1676 Campus beds
  • Size: 516 acres ( 209) hectares
  • UBC Medical School
  • Annual research fund- 14.5 Mill research projects underway
  • UBC O has its own Television station http://ubco.tv/

Detailed Community Information for each area:

About Kelowna: ( largest City )


About Lake Country: ( 3rd fastest growing community in BC )


About Vernon: ( 2nd largest City )


About Pentiction:


Okanagan relocation resources:

Interesting links:

From the Newspaper The Guardian, UK – 2016: A wine tour of Canada’s beautiful Okanagan Valley

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