GLY Home Staging that Does Not Work – Mistakes to Avoid when Selling in the Okanagan

Dated: February 5 2019

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You want to list your home in Kelowna, Lake Country or Vernon?

First impressions are everything when selling a home, so it’s imperative your home is “show ready” when you list it for sale. Some home sellers will hire a professional stager or decorator to help them with staging while others will go at it alone. Below are 6 ugly staging mistakes that seller’s often make along with advice on how to avoid them.

Remember Annette has great knowledge and will help you with home staging free of charge when listing your home.

Old  Furniture

If you have outdated or beat up furniture your best option is to replace it or remove it all together. Occasionally a slipcover may look good over a couch, but oftentimes slipcovers, blankets or an overabundance of pillows won’t help, they tend to make the outdated or beat up furnishing a bigger eyesore than it already was.

Tip: If you can’t afford to replace unsightly furniture renting furniture may be a great option. Another option is to visit second hand stores for gently used items, which can be much more affordable than brand new furniture.

Decorative Themes

Making your home look like the Vatican is not neutral and will not be appealing to a majority of home buyers. If you live in a beachy area or an equestrian community you may be able to get away with some subtle decorative themes, but don’t let seashells or horses take over the house.

Tip: Try to keep your home as neutral as possible when it comes to paint, furnishings and decorations.

Pillows and Towels

No matter how many decorative towels you use in an outdated kitchen or bathroom you are not going to distract the buyer nor is it going to improve the appearance of the room. Having a few towels is acceptable, putting towels everywhere is not. The same goes for decorative pillows

Tip: Streamline pillows and towels throughout the home, the fewer the better and make sure they match the rest of the decor.

Fake Plants

That fake ivy you have hanging in the bathroom is not appealing nor is the dusty fake plants sitting on top of your kitchen cabinets, it looks out of place and certainly isn’t going to help sell your home. Fake plans are not in fashion!

Tip: Add real flowers or plants tastefully throughout the home. Occasionally a really nice silk plant may be a nice addition and add appeal, but not always.

Empty Boxes

Placing an empty brand name box in a vacant walk-in closet is out of place and borderline tacky. Why would someone leave a Gucci box in an empty closet? Is it to give the impression that the person who previously lived there could afford a Gucci purse or shoes? This is a “staging” tactic I’ve never understood.

Tip: Empty boxes should not be used as focal points for staging.

Area Rugs

Area rugs can ground a room and make it feel “finished” and warm, but they can also take over a home. There is no need to have area rugs in every single room, hallway and doorway.

Tip: Use neutral area rugs if they add appeal to a room and remove dirty, matted or smelly area rugs.

Final Thoughts

Properly staging a home isn’t always easy and Annette is here to help for free in the Okanagan. Annette has staged many homes and got them ready for Sale! Another option is hiring a staging company, but with Annette, that is not necessary.

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