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No matter how perfectly designed your indoor space is, guests will be delighted by seeing a relaxing outdoor space.

The outdoors should be set-up in a way that it can be a fun spot in any season. Also, the outdoors should be designed in a way that one can use it as a dining area or just grab a book or coffee and enjoy the happiness.

Here are a few tips which will help you in creating the perfect outdoor space for your vacation rental.






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Annette Denk
Move Okanagan Real Estate

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Summer has arrived ! So nice to have the hot weather finally here.

As you probably know there have been a few things implemented by the Federal and Provincial governments in the past 6 months aiming to cool down the Canadian and B.C real estate markets. I get asked all the time if we are seeing any effect of these initiatives. I feel that we are starting to see the effects of these policies. I have seen a clear shift from a seller’s market to more of a balanced market at this time. The first indicators we see are sales volumes drop. In the month of June we saw a 22% drop in sales compared to June 2017 and a drop of 19% year-to-date compared to 2017. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Days on market has decreased by 2% to 42 days in June.
  • The number
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It is a very exciting time for a home buyer to begin their home search, and there are some considerations that need to be taken into account, and to help the buyer understand the home buying process. There are home buying rules and etiquette which need to be followed and adhered to when searching for a home. Whether you have scheduled appointments with your agent or open houses, these are important rules to follow when going through the home buying process!

Love Your Realtor – Don’t Call Other Agents

If a buyer has obtained their own representation, then that Realtor needs to be the contact person for the buyer. It is very easy in today’s times to search the internet and find a home. And then that buyer might think they are being helpful by

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As the temperatures continue to heat up this summer and many people are busy enjoying summertime vacations, it’s important that homeowners don’t neglect their homes.

Whether you’re thinking about selling a home during the summertime or not, it’s vital to your homes “health” that you complete certain tasks during the summer months.

Below you’re going to find out some very important tasks that you should complete around your home this summer.  

1.) Wash Exterior Windows

2.) Inspect & Clean Window Screens

3.) Check & Clean Your Homes Exterior

4.) Inspect & Clean Your Ceiling Fans

5.) Check Your Deck and/or Patio

7.) Focus On Your Gardens

8.) Check Your Fence

10.) Check Your Gutters

Final Thoughts

Summer home

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1. Widely Market Online with High Resolution Pictures

With the number of internet users increasing exponentially, the internet is the perfect place to market your vacation rental. Launch your own website providing detailed information about the property, along with great visuals. Provide descriptive information about all the facilities provided, things to do and places to see in the area.

Attach the pictures of rooms, kitchenette, pool (if there is one), garden, terrace, etc. taken professionally on a high-resolution camera to give an impactful first impression. Use social media to broadcast various offers on your property, particularly during off-season.

 2. Highlight Your Unique Selling Point

Once you have identified the market you are

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Lots of changes in BC Real Estate as of June 15, 2018! These are significant changes and we as realtors have to go thru extra training, extra courses and exams!

 If you have not heard of this, here are brief points on what is happening:

  • No more dual agency, except in special situations. We can not represent Sellers and Buyers at the same time. That means when doing an Open House, we can only give out general information that is on the Internet, nothing else. We can not talk to Buyers as we used to as we are otherwise in breach. We have to ask them to get their own agent if they want to find out more about this house!
  • When we get a call about a house that we have listed, we can only give out general information, we have to ask them to get an agent
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Investing in the vacation rental industry can be an attractive business, provided you take it seriously and market it strategically. A key factor that can increase the business potential of your vacation property is location. A property that is located in a great destination and is marketed well can help you pay for the expenses of maintaining the property, paying for the mortgage fee and also reap profits. And, of course, you can enjoy a paid-for holiday with your family, whenever you feel like.

 Mentioned Below Are A Few Success Formulas That Can Help You Make the Most of Your Investment in A Property.

 Check Your Finances

Secure your financial position before you move further towards your dream of buying a house. See how much money you

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Are you planning to put your home on the market?

Great timing because it’s a seller’s market out there. But as a seller, you still need to be smart and attract genuine buyers, if you want to get your desired price.

So, instead of investing thousands in home improvements, here are a few DIY tweaks that can boost your home’s value instantly and make it appealing to buyers:

Tip #1 – Clean Up

One of the first things that a buyer notices is whether or not the area around the house is clean. So, gear up for a marathon cleaning session and increase your home’s curb appeal.

A few tips for improving your home’s curb appeal include scrubbing the exterior and hosing down the driveway and the sidewalk.  You can also do simple things like mowing the

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If you’re hoping to sell your home in the near future, you’ve probably been running around the interior, applying fresh coats of paint and steaming the carpets. But what about the exterior — the first thing a potential buyer would see when they show up for a tour?

If you’ve recently considered selling the place you call home, there are a few simple changes you can make to your home’s exterior to give it years of new life and enhanced curb appeal without dropping thousands.

Tip #1 – Refresh Your Front Door

First things first: Pretend you’re a potential buyer showing up to tour the property. Is your front door welcoming? Or does it look like it holds a decade of future repairs and refurbishments?

Clean and repaint your front door to make a

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Not happy with our government intervention into our real estate market !  I’m sure you have heard by now about the new Speculation tax announced by the BC NDP government. Calling this a speculation tax is, in my view, misleading. We already have a true speculation tax in Canada. It’s called capital gains tax.

This new tax is really a wealth tax and in many cases, punishes other Canadians, those who have scraped and saved to buy a vacation property years ago. They are not speculators. They are investors and vacationers who may now have second thoughts about having ties to BC. The NDP is calling it a speculation tax to get people on board with it.

Unfortunately, some only read the headlines and do not get the whole story. It’s easy to get people upset by

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