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Posted by Annette Denk on Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 at 12:44pm.

1. Create a dedicated work space

Ideally an office or desk that you can work from so that the energy of that space is one of productivity and no distractions such as your phone. Better yet, ensure an ergonomic chair and natural light/fresh air. If you have to use your dining table, have an anchoring item that you put down on the table (such as a cup of pens, an oil burner or vase of flowers), or play a certain type of music, and that signifies the energy and intention of it being a working space. And similarly, when you are finished, you take that item away so that it returns to simply being your dining table. 

2. Have set hours that you work on/in your business

When you have a clear start and stop time it stops the unproductive behaviour of thinking you have all day. Otherwise you will end up working from when you wake up until when you go to sleep, which is often unnecessary. 

3. Focus on the revenue generating tasks

Focus on what matters. The revenue-generating tasks that are going to move the needle in your business. This means marketing, selling and nurturing. If you are an early-stage entrepreneur and want to go from surviving to thriving, spending all day designing something in Canva or perfecting small details on your website is not going to make you money. Don’t waste time being busy for the sake of being busy. Busy is not a badge of honour.

4. Align, Serve, Sell - Daily

Using this structure for your days sets you up for success. First align to your why and your intentions. For example: Journal, meditate, exercise, create or review your priorities for the day. Then from that aligned space, serve your clients and audience, giving lots of value. And then the last and most important piece is to sell! If you are not making money, it is a hobby, not a business. Selling is serving. If your service helps people achieve their desired state or experience and the world would be better because more people took your service, it is your job to ensure they get it. How will they know about it and be able to access it, if you are not sharing it or inviting them?!

5. Cultivate connection

Send voice memos or have a video call where of value over an email or text (without creating unnecessary meetings of course!). Personal connection will reduce feelings of loneliness or isolation. 

6. Have fun

Integrate the things that bring you joy such as playing music and enforcing pattern breaks throughout the day (personally I love dipping in my pool, but you could also have a stretch, meditate, dance, make a nourishing lunch). 

Article curtesy of, C. Taber

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