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2018 was a year filled with lots of change in our local real estate market. We have had a significant shift in the market which has changed things from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. This change has come about mainly from changes to government policy, both federally and provincially. In 2018 we saw: 3 interest rate hikes by the Bank of Canada, stricter “stress test” rules on mortgages, the introduction of the Foreign Buyer’s Tax and new Provincial Speculation Tax.

All these changes were brought forth in a relatively short time span with the full effects of any one of these changes not properly determined before the next policy change was made. My fingers are crossed that the lawmakers haven’t gone too far too fast!

Here are some of the December

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People sometimes feel purchasing a home is out of reach financially, but what if you could buy a home and an investment property at the same time in Kelowna or Vernon?  Have you considered multifamily like a duplex or tri-plex housing as an option?

With multifamily housing, such as a duplex, you rent out part of the building and live in the other part. There are many reasons you should consider buying multifamily housing if you’re looking to purchase your first home or upgrade to something that brings in an income.

As with most things, there are both pros and cons of multifamily homes.

PRO To Buying A Multifamily Home: Pay Your Mortgage

Renting out one side of a duplex may allow you to pay for the entire mortgage and live free. It at least

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As this year is coming to an end we often reflect on the past year, what have we accomplished, did we meet our personal goals, what will the next year bring, what will your achievements be for next year?

Reflecting back, the real estate industry had a very busy year with the market now cooling off a bit, which is also normal for the winter season.

We had 24% fewer sales than this time last year. Last month, we waited to see how the market would react to the Bank of Canada’s latest interest rate hike and the BC government’s speculation tax and while the market traditionally slows this time of year, we are also likely seeing the effects of these actions.

Influencing market demand can be tricky and with two levels of government continuing to tinker independent

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Staging a home can be beneficial for home sellers, no doubt.  There are however a couple misconceptions that exist when it comes to staging that first need to be discussed.

First of all, many real estate agents will convince a seller that because they offer staging services their home will sell for more money. Staging can expedite the sale of a home, but it’s not a magic potion that will solely lead to the sale of a home. Unfortunately many real estate agents lie and convince a seller to hire them because they will stage their home.

Another misconception that exists when it comes to staging is that it costs a ton of money. While staging can cost a ton of money, it doesn’t have to. Staging a home on a budget can be done.

In this article you’ll

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Some home sellers are left scratching their head wondering why their neighbors home sold and theirs didn’t. Oftentimes when a home doesn’t sell there is an easy explanation. If your home is actively sitting on the market, but your competition isn’t, here are 6 of the most common reasons why.


When looking for a new home the majority of home buyers shop by price and want the best bang for their buck! This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to buy the home with the lowest list price, it means when comparing homes they’re going to buy the home with the best value. I recently saw two homes for sale on the same block and the home listed for $60,000 more went under contract while the other home remained active.

Now, the seller of the less

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Cleaning and maintaining a fireplace can be a DIY job, but before the chimney is cleaned, key areas must be checked. Use these tips to ensure fireplace and chimney safety.

The warm glow of a fireplace is one of nature's simple gifts. To keep things simple and safe, clean the fireplace regularly and know that it is well built. It's also a good idea to have a professional initially inspect the fireplace and chimney even if you plan to clean and maintain it yourself.

When the chimney is cleaned by a technician he will lay down a drop cloth, place lights, plug in a vacuum system, and have an array of tools and brushes at hand. But before the chimney is cleaned, key areas of the chimney are first checked.

The lintel, which is the steel bar that

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Winter is coming.  While this may not be something you’re excited for, it is the reality. Many homeowners fail to realize the importance of properly winterizing their home.

Below is a guide on how to properly winterize your home, both the exterior and interior of your home.  

Winterizing the Exterior of Your Home

It’s vital to properly winterize the exterior of your home. There are a variety of tasks that you should complete, prior to winter, to make sure you don’t have any problems during the winter months. Below are some of the most common exterior tasks to complete before the winter.

  • Inspect Your Roof
  • Clean Your Gutters
  • Clean Your Chimney (If Applicable)
  • Winterize Your Central Air Conditioner
  • Winterize Your Lawn Tools
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In the modern era where we have text messaging, food delivered within an hour, online bill paying and so many other seemingly instant responses, some things still take time. Preparing a quality meal takes time. Building a strong relationship with a spouse takes time. Improving a credit score can also take time.

For some people, it may only take a few months while other people may have to work on their scores for at least a year. Regardless of your situation, the tips and strategies listed will apply to everyone and will help you improve your credit score.

Pay Every Single Bill on Time, or Early, Every Month

Please understand one thing; paying your bills on time each month is the single most important thing you can do to increase your credit

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Many first-time home buyers are surprised to discover just how many ways you can mess up a home purchase. You may have got your pre-approval, found a home you loved and made an offer. But if you want to avoid messing up the transaction, you will need to be extremely careful until the sale has closed.

Use the following tips to protect yourself and your home purchase.

1. Don’t miss loan payments.

You must keep your payments current on all your loan accounts, including credit cards and car loans. The lender will look at your credit again before finalizing your mortgage, and if you have missed any payments, it may lead to you losing the loan.

Many buyers mistakenly believe that once the lender issues their loan commitment, they are golden.

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Whether you’re thinking about selling your home or not, home maintenance is crucial.  If you’re planning on listing your home for sale in the near future, deferred maintenance is one of the top reasons why home buyers are scared away from a home, so it’s important you don’t neglect your home.

Below are 10 of the most important tips for preparing your home for the fall!

1- Care For Your Trees, Bushes & Shrubs

2- Rake Your Leaves

3- Feed & Seed Your Lawn

4- Clear & Clean Your Gutters & Downspouts

5- Inspect Your Roof

6- Put Away Your Outdoor Furniture

7- Stow Your Hoses

8- Have Your Fireplace Serviced

9- Check Your HVAC System

10- Get Your Winter Supplies Ready

Final Thoughts

These 10 fall home maintenance tips

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